Stop smoking with hypnosis

Quit smoking with Hypnosis freeing you from anxiety.

Are you from Donostia, Bilbao or Vitoria Gazteiz?

Do you want to stop smoking ? With hypnosis it is possible!

Hypnosis is one of the most effective techniques when it comes to quitting smoking . In fact, the success rate obtained by quitting smoking through hypnosis is over 85%.

Why hypnosis can be the solution to stop smoking ?

The fact of stopping consuming a substance as addictive as nicotine at the root, in addition to stopping the habit of putting a cigarette in your mouth, causes a lot of anxiety in people who They make the decision to quit, and in many cases we think that smoking relaxes us in times of stress, which is not true. It is an association that makes our minds and therefore we consider that smoking does us good.

By giving up this habit, the anxiety that arises in the person is sometimes very difficult to bear, so many succumb to tobacco again.

Hypnosis prevents this initial anxiety from arising, making the decision to quit smoking much more successful in most cases than with other methods.

Through hypnosis a absolute relaxation is obtained without losing consciousness at any time, reaching a state of concentration and relaxation very deep, so that we manage to internalize in the subconscious all the reasons why we want to stop smoking and the associations of all the reasons why we do believe that smoking is okay are eliminated. In this way, the desire to smoke disappears.

Maybe with just one session you can quit smoking! Success depends on the patient.

First, an interview is conducted to find out what kind of smoker the patient is and thus to know what he perceives as pleasure or relaxation when he smokes
During the session, we will try to change those associations that we perceive as positive when smoking to negative, so that:

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