My name is Teresa Echeverría, I am a life coach, but above all, I am an optimistic and warm person.I have been working since 2009 helping politics, athletes, musicians, actors, doctors, senior executives and professionals of all kinds, I have also collaborated with prestigious companies. I have extensive experience backed by more than 15,000 satisfied customers, many workshops and conferences...
I was born in San Sebastian, but I consider myself from the world, since I have lived in many countries on different continents.

I am very curious about the lives of people of all ages, races, and genders.

I accept difference as something normal... I think it is necessary for life to be more varied and fun.

I've had a life full of changes; trips, joys, sorrows, loves, heartbreaks... a life FULL of EMOTIONS! That is why I know well the mechanism of change and emotions.

I studied NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching Emotional Intelligence, Noesitherapy, among other techniques pushed by the negative experiences that I lived throughout my life. I suffered from anxiety, fear, anger, insomnia, low self-esteem, overweight etc. These emotional problems led me to read many self-help books and go to therapy in order to seek a cure for my problems, from there grew my interest in investigating the emotional world, which I am passionate about and I continue to train continuously to be able to help with more efficiency.

Using these techniques and my own life experience, I have been able to help people of all ages deal with their emotional problems over the years in my practice.

I believe in positive change and in the power of transformation that we all have within us, which is why I try every day to overcome my limitations and be a better person.

I firmly believe that by emitting positive energy, we get similar energies around us.

I believe in happiness and in love as its source.
I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals, always respecting their pace and learning path.

I will be delighted to accompany you in changing your life! I can help you quit smoking, to lose weight or in deeper personal changes.
If you want to meet me you can request a free interview.
I wish you all the happiness!

Teresa Echeverria