Therapy to lose the fear of flying through hypnosis

The phobia of flying is cured and Hypnosis is a great option for this.

The phobia of flying is cured. You just have to want. People who suffer from this fear suffer to such points that they freeze and decide not to fly in order to avoid that unbearable discomfort. The fear of flying or aerophobia is the fear of flying in airplanes, it can be simply that phobia or the conjunction of several such as claustrophobia, fear of closed spaces, or acrophobia.

The percentage of people suffering from this disease is very high, in fact, one in three passengers suffers from it. Such is the index of people who suffer from it that airlines offer free courses to combat this phobia and that this fear can greatly limit people's lives; influencing their work, not being able to see their relatives, etc.

There are different degrees of flying phobias; There are degrees in which the person who suffers from it becomes paralyzed and decides never to fly, or if they do, they suffer panic attacks or vomiting, among other symptoms. It should be noted that the media does not help to stop this fear, and is that when a plane crash happens, sensationalism prevails in its information, further aggravating, if possible, the fatality of the event. It should be noted that the number of air accidents is minimal compared to other means of transport, with air transport being the safest of all.

Be that as it may, fear exists, so the best is accept it and try to fix the problem. There are many therapies to solve this problem. One of the most essential is education; Knowing how an airplane works, knowing if an airplane has a mechanical failure will not fall steep, but that any airplane can glide without engines. Knowing these and other types of information about airplanes helps, but it is not enough to eradicate irrational fear. We can solve the problem with pharmacological treatments, cognitive therapies, exposure therapies, relaxation and self-control techniques, however, one of the most effective is hypnosis. There are cases in which a simple session serves to make the phobia disappear, compared to other treatments that require more time.

In hypnosis sessions, the patient relaxes and attempts to modify the association he has between flying and having an accident. And it is that the one who suffers from the phobia thinks that by the simple fact of flying, he will be the victim of an accident, or he will suffer a panic attack that he will not be able to control etc. It is always in the worst of situations. Through hypnosis, the patient will be associated with flying, which is a highly safe means of transport, that there will be no problems during the flight and that he will be able to fly in a relaxed way.

There are occasions when the patient is cured in a single session since it is possible to change the association of fatality through the state of relaxation to which he is exposed through hypnosis. However, there are other people who need more sessions. In addition, it should be noted that the patient is taught self-hypnosis so that at the time of the flight, he can practice the relaxation technique by himself, which will help him overcome that moment successfully.

Dare to try hypnosis to combat your phobias, one of the most effective techniques in curing these fears. You can finally feel free and stop being a prisoner of your fear!

Teresa Echeverria

Barrio de Gros San Sebastián

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