Talleres & cursos

Would you like to learn to develop yourself on a personal and professional level?

To feel a balance we need to assess our level of satisfaction in different areas of our life, such as relationships, self-esteem, and concentration. Would you like to communicate better? Have more clients? Better relationships? More willpower to exercise and take care of your diet? Sleep better?

We often think that these skills come from our personality and partly this is due to genetics, but another part can be LEARNED and DEVELOPED, like the desire to excel, having a positive attitude. All this helps us to face the challenges and obstacles that we face in our day to day.

Self-help and self-improvement are two disciplines focused on making us feel good about ourselves and thus being able to generate positive energy that attracts prosperity and success.

The courses and workshops will deal with topics related to:
Leadership, happiness, emotional intelligence, self-esteem, Assertiveness, Neurolinguistic Programming, Self-hypnosis, hypnosis and many other personal development issues.

Teresa Echeverria

Barrio de Gros San Sebastián

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