Hypnosis Workshop to reduce Stress

Do you want to learn a powerful technique to reduce your stress?

Now you can learn to reduce your stress and reduce the stress of the people you live with with this powerful technique

We often talk about stress, we often talk about how “stressed” we are, but what is stress really?

Stress appears due to physiological reactions that appear when we notice nervous tension, often caused by work or personal issues, sometimes due to overwork, bad relationships, anxiety, traumatic situations that have been experienced, etc.

There are several types of stress, but I'm going to talk about two: normal stress, which even helps you to successfully complete a complicated task or pathological stress, when you have been enduring a stressful situation for a long time, it is very possible that physical problems will appear (muscle tension to diseases) and psychological, crying crisis, depression, and various physical conditions.

The Course to reduce you are with Hypnosis aims that students learn to get more out of their natural ability to relax.

Now you have the opportunity to learn these techniques to relax and help others feel calmer through hypnosis,

You will learn
  • What is hypnosis Where does it come from?
  • What uses does it have?
  • What techniques can you apply and apply yourself?
  • To practice and Guided relaxation recording so you can continue at home

Saturday from 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Maximum 6 people

Teresa Echeverria

Barrio de Gros San Sebastián

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