Relieve pain

Therapy to relieve acute and chronic pain with Hypnosis

Hypnosis relieved pain in 75% of treated cases.
Pain is an alert mechanism that our body generates when something does not work correctly in it, and therefore, its diagnosis is of vital importance to suppress that painful sensation, either psychologically or through medication. < BR>
Pain can be sensory or affective. Sensory pain offers information about its location and quality, for example, whether it is strong, weak, continuous pain or not, etc. The effective, on the other hand, refers to the psychological suffering, anguish, or concern that pain generates.

Pain treatment through Hypnosis

A multitude of research shows that hypnosis helps to alleviate physical and psychological pain in people who have undergone other treatments without success, as occurs, for example, in chronic diseases such as cancer.

There are numerous success stories throughout history that verify the effectiveness of hypnosis. An example of them are the British J.Esdaile and J.Elliotson who carried out numerous surgical interventions using hypnosis as an anesthetic. Also. It should be noted that postoperative infections or deaths, so common at that time, were considerably reduced with the use of this technique.

Also worth noting in the case of the Spanish Nobel Prize winner, D. Santiago Ramón y Cajal, who used hypnosis as an analgesic in his wife's deliveries and was a staunch defender of this technique.

Finally, the study "A meta-analysis of hypnotically induced analgesia: How effective is hypnosis", carried out by Montgomery, DuHamel and Redd, shreds of evidence that of 18 articles and 933 participants analyzed, hypnosis managed to alleviate pain in 75% of cases, well chronic pain such as oncological, psychological etc.

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