Emotional Intelligence Workshop for children

Why enroll your children in an emotional intelligence course for children?

We often think that children do not have problems, but they are quite expected to make good grades, to do all the extracurricular activities well, and also to balance it with social and family life. If they are unable to do so, they may experience low self-esteem, negative thoughts, and loss of motivation to achieve their own goals.

There are studies that indicate that children who have received social and emotional support seem to develop greater strength in the brain circuits to master anxiety and assimilate knowledge more effectively, which is reflected in their notes.

If you teach a child to manage his emotions and improve his social skills through emotional development, he will grow to be an adult with social and emotional skills, he will know how to communicate effectively, he will have more contacts and solid friendships, better relationships with his family, he will have better health because if you want to take care of yourself in itself.

  • Realize that they can change a situation they are not happy about.
  • Understand the situation they are in.
  • See that they are responsible for their own actions.
  • Increase your confidence to make positive changes in the way you act, think and feel.
  • Develop essential life skills.
  • Be better people, and thus teach your loved ones to be better
  • Relax and don't fall into nervous, angry or angry states
  • Know how to communicate in an assertive way without abusing or being abused
  • Learn to self-motivate and know how to be constant and can be better at whatever they do
  • To see mistakes as a way to learn
  • To be motivated in sports
  • To eat in a balanced way
  • To rest better
How old is it good?

You can start from 6 to 11 years old

When do these workshops take place?

Saturdays from 10.30 to 13.30

Teresa Echeverria

Barrio de Gros San Sebastián

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