Workshop Free yourself from emotional hunger

What is Slim? What will you learn?

This workshop is for you if:

- You live in San Sebastián or surroundings

- You're sick of dieting and bouncing

- You eat because of anxiety, boredom, loneliness or you don't know why you overeat

- You lead a sedentary life

- You would like to learn to have a healthy relationship with food and with your body

Taught by: Teresa Echeverría: Coach specialized in emotional management and weight loss

Group 1- Tuesday, From October 8 to December 17

Group 2- Thursday, From October 10 to December 17

Hours: from 19 to 20.30

Max 6 people

Includes teaching material and 2 individual sessions


Teresa Echeverria

Barrio de Gros San Sebastián

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