Coaching, Hypnosis and NLP

Coaching with Hypnosis and NLP for the treatment of anxiety, stress, phobias, smoking cessation and weight loss for children, adolescents and adults


Coaching accelerates the process of the client's objectives, by providing greater focus, awareness and follow-up to their possibilities of choice. The coaching takes as its starting point the current situation of the client and focuses on what the client is willing to do to get to where they would like to be in the future, being aware that all results depend on the intentions, choices and actions of the client, backed by the effort of the coach and the application of the coaching method.
Coaching definition according to the International Coach Federation "Professional coaching is a process of thoughtful and creative accompaniment with clients that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."


The simple fact of speaking of hypnosis creates distrust or respect, and it is associated with the fact that the person who receives it loses his or her will. This is totally False . It is a relaxation technique that has been practiced for centuries.

From the time of the Egyptians, passing through Freud until today, that is still used by many doctors for the pain control in surgeries, it is also used by psychotherapists and dentists, among others.

David Siegel one of the world's best-known hypnosis authorities, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, director of the Stress Center in Health, and Medical Director of the Stanford University Center for Integrative Medicine School. He has already published ten books and 368 scientific articles on hypnosis.

In their most recent study, in 2016, they obtain results that surprise the scientific community since until then it had not been scientifically proven their physiological effectiveness. In that same essay they are responsible for proving that "a brain scanner shows that it is not about our imagination, it is really effective".

You can even make regressions to see things in our past that made you have trauma today, in this regression trauma is healed to live free of them.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective techniques to improve your health and change negative to positive behavior patterns in a short time. It is used to reduce pain , strengthen the immune system, fight insomnia, cure allergies, treat anxiety , stress, lose weight , skin problems , stop smoking , migraines, colitis, and other diseases.

Also works for the treatment of unwanted behaviors, such as, addictions, compulsion, phobias, lack of concentration, anxiety, low self-esteem etc.

In addition to using hypnosis to treat the patient, in my sessions I teach patients to self-hypnotize so they can use the technique and improve their quality of life.


NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a strategy of communication , personal development and psychotherapy which, ultimately, consists of simple guided techniques that help to change perceptions of what sorry.

For example, if you have phobia to fly , PNL It will help you to change the mental images with which you associate the flight with others that are more positive, with which your feelings regarding that fact change.

These techniques, combined with hypnosis, are much more powerful, since being in the state of total relaxation, the new information remains totally recorded in your subconscious and the change in behavior is amazing.

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